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 1st Pearl Harbor Bulletin
 1st Service At Belson Conentration Camp
 Albert Einstein on Ghandi
 Albert Einstein on the bomb
 Amelia Earhart - Women in air travel
 Amelia Earhart the pilot
 Babe Ruth - 3 Ambitions
 Babe Ruth - On Reporters
 Babe Ruth - Says Goodbye
 Balaclava Bugle Charge Of The Light Brigade
 Big Ben Tolling In The 20th Century
 Billy Sunday Temperance Sermon
 BlackJack Pershing
 Casey At The Bat
 Charles Lindbergh Returns To USA
 Commander Perry On The Polar Expedition
 Douglas MacArthur Old Soldiers
 Eleanor Roosevelt 7Dec41
 Florence Nightingale God Bless My Old Comrades
 From Tanquility Base The Eagle Has Landed
 Gandhi Denying Pro-Violence Statement
 Gandhi Pleasant Memories
 George Bernanrd Shaw On The Pacifist Movement
 George MCohan My Father Thanks You
 Goebbels 2Oct1934
 Hank Aaron Speech To Congress
 HG Wells On Economics & Politics
 Hiroshima News Bulletin 6Aug45
 Hitler Opens The Olympics 1Aug36
 Hitler Reichstag Speech 30Jan34
 Hitler Reoccupies The Rhineland 7Mar36
 Hitler What, MeIntolerant
 Hitler Youth Song
 Hitler's Death Announced
 Howard Carter On Opening King Tut's Tomb
 Japan Surrenders 2Sept45
 Lee Harvey Oswald Did You Kill The President
 Lee Harvey Oswald In Hallway
 London Air Raid 1940
 Lou Gehrig Farewell Speech
 Mussolini Speech
 President Bush - Desert Storm
 President Eisenhower On Korea
 President JFK - Ask Not
 President Reagan - Tear Down That Wall

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