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 (1953) - A Hepcat Kills The Canary
 (1953) - Carnival One Way
 (1953) - Companion To A Chimp
 (1953) - Insurance Fraud
 (1953) - Messenger For Murder
 (1953) - Murder Among The Statues
 (1953) - Murder On The Aisle
 (1953) - Oyster Shucker
 (1953) - Prize Fighter Setup
 (1953) - Short Order Cook
 (1953) - Steward On A Ship
 (1953) - The Plot To Murder Santa Claus
 (1954) - Boarding House Doublecross
 (1954) - Catskills Cover Up
 (1954) - Decoy For Death
 (1954) - Football Fix
 (1954) - Hauling Nitro
 (1954) - Incident In A Bar
 (1954) - On The Trail of a Killer
 (1954) - Psychological Murder
 (1954) - Rocket Racket
 (1954) - Rodeo Murder
 (1954) - The Doctor's Dilemma
 (1954) - The Museum Murder
 (1954) - Too Many Husbands

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