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 (1959) 02/09 - Clitheroe & the Hound Dog
 (1963) 12/29 - A Load of Chinese Junk
 (1965) 10/31 - The Evils of Tomato Juice
 (1967) 08/10 - Beware of the Neighbor
 (1969) 12/14 - Heat the Test Tube and Run
 (1971) 04/18 - Go West Old Man
 (1971) 04/25 - Once Upon A Cup
 (1971) 05/02 - Jobs for the Ladies
 (1971) 05/09 - Tennis Just Isn't Cricket
 (1971) 05/16 - What ever Happened to Grandad
 (1971) 05/30 - Is There A Boss in the House
 (1971) 06/06 - In At The Deep End
 (1971) 06/27 - Thinking About A Holiday
 (1972) 05/21 - My Great Aunt's Great
 (1972) 05/28 - Why Mother's Leave Home
 (1972) 06/04 - The Day the Fun Fair Hit Town
 (1972) 06/11 - If you can't keep a secret, Sell It
 (1972) 06/18 - The Swiss Family Clitheroe
 (1972) 06/25 - The Romantic Higginbothams
 (1972) 07/02 - Why Must the Show Go on
 (1972) 07/09 - A Letter from America For Grandad

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