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 (1946) 11/22 - Ruthie Ryan's Father
 (1946) 11/22 - Welcome back to Civilization Deadman
 (1950) 06/16 - Blue Moon
 (1950) 06/16 - Tears of Shiva
 (1951) Havens Venezuelan Isle 1951
 (1953) 01/03 - Death by a Fighting Bird
 (1953) 01/03 - The Quam Yi Statue
 (1956) 05/13 - Isle of Pines
 (1956) 05/13 - The Dead Matt Jeffrey
 (undated) - Black Tie Affair
 (undated) - Carlos Juan Story
 (undated) - Death of Rudy Keijon
 (undated) - Joe Ral
 (undated) - Murder Is No Joke
 (undated) - Paul Brewer Story
 (undated) - Slates Stolen Identity
 (undated) - Spanish Gold
 (undated) - Tappard of Pizzaro
 (undated) - The 12 Year Promise
 (undated) - Voodoo

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