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1001 Wives
 2000 Plus

 A Date with Judy
 A Man Called X
 Academy Award Theater
 Adventures By Morse
 Adventures of Leonidas Witherall
 Adventures of Maisie
 Afloat with Henry Morgan
 Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen
 Al Jolson Show, The
 Al Pearce Show, The
 Aldrich Family
 Amazing Mister Malone
 American Trail
 American Weekly
 Amos & Andy
 An American in England
 Arch Oboler's Plays
 Archie Andrews
 Arthur Godfrey and his talent scouts
 Artie Shaw
 At Home with the Kirkwoods
 Authors Playhouse
 Avalon Time

 Babe Ruth
 Baby Snook Show
 Barrel of Fun
 Barry Craig Confidential Investigator
 Bell Telephone Hour
 Bennetts, The
 Benny Goodman
 Best Plays
 Between the Bookends
 Beyond Midnight
 Bickersons, The
 Big Bands
 Big Town
 Bill Stern
 Bing Crosby Entertains
 Birds Eye Open House
 Black Castle
 Black Chapel
 Black Museum
 Blackstone the Magic Detective
 Blue Beetle
 Bob & Ray
 Bob Hope Show
 Bold Venture
 Boris Karloff
 Breakfast at Sardi's
 Breakfast Club
 Breakfast in Hollywood
 Brighter Day
 Broadway is my beat
 Buck Rogers
 Bulldogg Drummond

 Cabin B-13
 California Caravan
 Call the Police
 Calling All Cars
 Calling All Detectives
 Camel Caravan
 Camel Comedy
 Campbell Playhouse
 Canadian Red Cross
 Candy Matson
 Captain Midnight
 Casey Crime Photographer
 Chandu the Magician
 Charlie Chan
 Cinnamon Bear
 Clitheroe Kid
 Cloak and Dagger
 Complete Broadcast Day
 Creaking Door
 Crime Classics
 Crime Club
 Crime Doctor
 Crime on the waterfront

 Daddy and Rollo
 Danger Dr. Danfield
 Dangerous Assignment
 Dangerously Yours
 Danny Kaye Show
 Dark Venture
 Deadline Mystery
 Death Valley Days
 Defense Attorney

 Eddie Arnold Show
 Eddie Bracken
 Educating Archie
 Ellery Queen
 Encore Theater
 Ernie Ford
 Ethel & Albert
 Evening with George Burns

 Father Knows Best
 FBI in Peace and War
 Fear on Four
 Fire Chief
 Flash Gordon

 Gene Autry
 Good News
 Granby's Green Acres
 Grand Central Station
 Green Lama
 Guest Star

 Haunted Tales of the Supernatural
 Haunting Hour
 HI Gang
 Hidden Truth
 Hobby Lobby
 Hollywood on the air
 Hollywood Star Playhouse
 Hopalong Cassidy
 Hornblower Stories
 House of Mystery

 In Person, Dinah Shore
 It pays to be ignorant
 It's a crime, Mr Collins

 Jack Paar
 Jeff Regan, Investigator
 Jerry Of The Circu
 Joe Palooka
 Journey to the center of the earth
 Judy Canova Show

 Kraft Music Hall

 Laurel & Hardy
 Les Miserables
 Likely Lads

 Magic Island
 Majestic Master of Mystery
 Manhattan at Midnight
 Matinee Theater
 Men From the Ministry

 National Barn Dance
 NBC Summer Theater
 Nero Wolfe
 Night Beat

 Omar the Wizard of Persia
 On Stage
 One Man's Family

 Philip Marlowe, Adventures of
 Planet Man
 Police Headquarters
 Presenting Charles Boyer
 Price of Fear
 Proudly We Hail
 Prowl Car

 Quick as A Flash
 Quiz Kids

 Radio City Playhouse
 Red Rider
 Red Skelton
 Richard Diamond Police Detective
 Rocky Fortune
 Rocky Jordan
 Rod & Charles Show, The
 Roy Rogers

 Saint, The
 Sam And Henry
 Screen Director's Playhouse
 Screen Guild Players
 Sealed Book
 Sealtest Variety Theater

 T Man
 Tales Of Fatima
 Tales Of The Texas Rangers
 Tarzan Of The Apes
 Terry & The Pirates
 Tex Beneke
 The Town Crier
 Theater Five
 Theater Of Hits
 This Is My Best
 To The Manor Born
 Treasury Agent

 Unexpected, The
 United States Postal Inspector
 Unsolved Mysteries

 Vanishing Point
 Vic And Sade
 Voices Of History
 Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen

 Wayside Theater
 We Want A Touchdown
 Weird Circle
 Whistler, The
 Wings To Victory
 Witch's Tale
 Words At War
 World Adventure Club
 World In Music, The
 World News Today

 X Minus 1

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